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Original Vintage Photograph by A. Aubrey Bodine

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This original photograph was printed by A. Aubrey Bodine during his career.

Loading lumber in Baltimore Harbor … Three-masted Edwin & Maud brings a deck load of lumber into Baltimore Harbor. Some of the sailboats that ply the Chesapeake are types that exist nowhere else. The ram is one of these–built narrow to enable it to use the C and D Canal. The one shown here is the Edwin & Maud. The schooner Edwin & Maud, a 3 mast ram, built in Bethel, Delaware was christened the Edwin & Maud after her captain's two children. During the first half of the 20th Century, she carried lumber and fertilizer along the Eastern Seaboard. Edwin & Maud served as a merchant vessel during both World Wars. Because she was constructed of wood, she was assigned duty during WWII to check the antisubmarine mine fields of the Chesapeake Bay, to make sure magnetic mines were still on station. After WWII, she was converted to the passenger trade, sailing for several years out of Annapolis.

ImageID 18-043
Title Edwin & Maud
Date 1937
Signed Yes
Titled No

Paper Size (Width x Height) 11.23" x 14.13"

Image Size (Width x Height) 10.19" x 13.04"

Condition Excellent

Price $3,000

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